Photo by Bill Tanaka

Howdy, stranger.

You have just stumbled into the online domain of art director & designer Alison Livaditis. My creative journey has taken me from the mountains of North Georgia, to big ol' New York City, 5 years abroad in Amsterdam and now to my current base in Portland, OR.

For the past decade since graduating from Pratt Institute, I have worked on 360° design communications for some amazing brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, SOREL and Levi's. My design philosophy is that whatever you do, do it with love. Great design is not just about the pretty details (a hand painted character here, a glossy spot varnish there) but about creating a holistic system that functions as beautifully as it looks. 

When I'm not freelancing or traveling, I enjoy spending my time indulging in a healthy dose of karaoke (Phil Collins is always in my queue), scouting out new spots for brunch and a little bit of rock climbing.

Please send me a note if you have any design or art direction needs. I look forward to hearing from you!