SOREL Kinetic Collection

In Spring 2018, footwear brand SOREL launched a new line of sneakers called the Kinetic Collection, featuring a dramatic blown-up sawtooth edge. The shoe was a bold move into the world of fashion 'athleisure', and we wanted to make a big noise about it - with a suitably head-turning photography campaign.

Drawing inspiration came from the product's unusual profile, we decided to bring saw elements into the photography, literally adding an "edge" to the images. My role in this project was to develop the photography concept, and partner in the art direction of the assets. I also worked with an existing logo lockup to create image layouts for ecom and store windows.


SOREL S18 Lookbook Ecom Kinetic_AL PORT_0000_1.jpg
Window S18 Kinetic_NYC_V2_small.jpg