SOREL f/w 2017 campaign

In 2017, footwear brand SOREL resolved to increase its share of the women’s fashion market. Traditionally known as a maker of heavy winter boots, the company introduced a new line of heels and wedges, combining the brand's trademark comfort with stylish designs aimed at a younger, professional demographic. This new personality called for a fresh approach to photography and styling. 

The F/W creative concept showcased the style and functionality of the products by showing them in perpetual motion. Body positions exuded confidence and empowerment, and were accompanied by messaging on the theme of 'defy'.

At a product level, defy describes the weatherproofing technology. With SOREL, you can defy the elements. Defy the rain, the wet leaves, the growing chill. Defy any doubts you may have had about comfort, about mobility, about resilience. At an emotional level, defy describes how we want our user to feel. Empowered. Free. Unbound by the rules that govern others; whether they’re style rules, behavioral rules, rules of taste, etiquette, or whatever else.

I joined this project after the photography concept had been initiated. My role was to further develop the concept, including working closely with the stylist to select wardrobe that could make best use of the motion of the models, bringing the brand into a more fashion forward direction, but not stealing the spotlight from the footwear.

At the shoot, I partnered on the art direction, and assisted in the chosing of final selects. I also created the style guide for the season, including designing for product information books, online executions, banner and other 360 touchpoints for the campaign.


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